Location Based Advertising (LBA)

A wonderful article by Christopher Breen of Macworld.com pointed to how the 3G iPhone is sure to change the way in which retailers market & we consumers choose where we eat & shop. As stated previously, I was quite disappointed that the 3G iPhone will not include support for Near Field Communications (NFC). However, with the combination of 3G & GPS you’ve still got something pretty special.

The idea of walking down the street past a store & a coupon for example appearing on your phone from the very store you are walking past is so much more a reality than it ever has been. If there isn’t a name for this type of marketing might I suggest Location Based Advertising (LBA).

Take this example a step further & imagine the coupon that was just zapped to your phone is of interest to you. You choose to redeem the coupon from your phone which leads you to a purchasing page. You select & pay for you item all through your phone. You now walk into the store to pick up the item you just purchased.

For some, this example may scare you & for others I’m sure you’d like nothing more than to be able to purchase everything from your phone. Imagine the time this approach will save you & the convenience factor. And for retailers the potential to market to consumers who can take immediate action is priceless.


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