Transaction Processing Engine

It was almost eight months ago in Las Vegas at IBM’s Information On Demand global conference that we were awarded IBM’s 2007 Innovation Award for Best Informix Dynamic Solution (IDS). This award highlighted one of the key attributes of our ICS8 platform which is our ability to effectively process millions of database transactions daily. Prior to receiving this acknowledgement from IBM & being so highly recognized by the database community we didn’t fully understand what a powerful transaction processing solution we had developed. For us it was just part of the philosophy that we’ve been following since day one which has been to develop a solution that is highly efficient & scalable for whatever business need presents itself. Simply stated, we develop for the future today.

When we realized how many other companies had a need for such a highly effective & scalable transaction processing engine we decided to make this engine available for other companies to access through a simple web services API which we tailor to each company’s processing needs.

Companies that are developing new solutions, especially mobile & web based solutions don’t want to be responsible for managing the abundance of data attributes associated with their user accounts & the associated amount of data kept for each user’s transactions. Nor do these companies have the time, dollars, or knowledge to develop a transaction processing solution that can support millions of transactions without delay. These companies want to & need to focus on their products & deploying those products to market as quickly as possible. With us providing the Transaction Processing Engine, these businesses are now able to deploy their solutions in record times.


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