Austin InnoTech 2008

It was recently announced that InnoTech will return to Austin for its 5th annual conference starting October 16th. This is a fun & exciting event for all those involved in the IT industry in Austin. It is the one IT event that that doesn’t require us IT Austinites to travel to the Bay Area too.

The event organizers are still in the planning phase & have yet to release the full schedule of events & sessions. However, from what I can find it appears that there will be a number of sessions & topics covering the mobile market space. Every where we turn the talk is about mobile. With Apple recently making its SDK available & Google announcing the release of Android it’s no wonder that the development community is getting excited about the mobile space.

Businesses are excited too because we’ve recognized the potential & never ending possibilities for the mobile space. Until recently the handset manufacturers didn’t provide us access & the mobile networks were often to slow to develop any applications of significant value. With open devices on the market & increased network bandwidth there are no more excuses & businesses are moving quickly to own a piece of this market.

We are looking forward to the mobile discussion that will take place at this year’s InnoTech conference & we look to play a significant role in this emerging market space.


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