Fireworks & the FreeRunner

This past Friday, July 4th, a many Americans celebrated our country’s independence. Typical July 4th activities in the U.S. include firing up the grill with burgers & dogs, heading out to the lake or pool, & shooting off fireworks when the sun goes down.

For those of us heavily involved in the open-source development community we were busy putting in our orders for the new Neo FreeRunner from OpenMoko which was finally released in the U.S. on Friday. Earlier this year we began prototyping some mobile applications using the Neo 1973 from OpenMoko. The Neo 1973 allowed us to get our feet wet with mobile phone application development as well as contribute back to the open-source community.

The OpenMoko phones manufactured by First Internaitonal Computer offer developers the unique ability to completely customize the software of a working GSM phone. While the current software isn’t quite ready for end-users, the new FreeRunner hardware adds Wi-Fi & extended battery life (something the Neo 1973 was severely lacking) to supplement the feature set of the Neo 1973 which includes GPS, bluetooth, USB networking & 2.5G GSM.

The new FreeRunner will begin shipping today & should arrive in our Austin office by end of week. Both our NetworkIP & Jaduka engineering teams are eager to begin working with it. The new FreeRunner & 3G iPhone all in the same week; we can hardly contain ourselves.


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