Your Brand Can Be Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset

As a leader in the prepaid industry we realized the value of our clients building successful brands long ago. We take every opportunity to advise clients on what to do (brand-builders) & more importantly what not to do (brand-killers) in order to build a strong & successful brand for their product. We even went so far to develop a 3-part Branding Toolkit that provides our clients the tools & techniques to manage, measure profit, & protect their prepaid brand.

You can download NetworkIP’s 3-part Branding Toolkit from our website.

At NetworkIP we make it a point to continue building our knowledge base & sharing with our clients what we have learned & what others are saying about brand building. Just yesterday we caught a post from Om Malik describing the frustration he has with advertising being every where. Om initially opened with Delta’s plan for printing advertisements on their boarding passes & then he lead to talking about how IDT is going to begin inserting advertising messages on their prepaid calling cards. IDT, using VoodooVox as a technology provider, will play an advertisement to consumers based on the consumer’s demographic profile (where they are calling from or to) when making phone calls. While there may be additional dollars for IDT to gain from advertisers; will this strategy hurt their brand & ultimately generate in fewer prepaid calling card sales?

Before you rush to do the same as IDT is doing, consider for a moment what this will do to your brand’s image. How will your customers react to having advertisements played to them when making phone calls? Will you be able to offer your customers better rates because of the additional revenue made from the advertisements? Will the advertisements themselves offer value to your consumers or simply be a nuisance that they will not put up with?

We advise making sure you can answer these questions before doing anything to risk your brand. Brand awareness creates demand for your product & your brand can be your company’s most valuable asset!


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